Three Days in the Pyrenees

My wife and I spent a majority of August on our honeymoon in Europe. Most of it was spent eating our way through Spain, but we did plan some cycling in the French Pyrenees. A slightly masochistic idea, tackling world class mountains as seen in the mountain stages of the Tour de France. The Col... Continue Reading →

Breath Deep

This post is not backed by any scientific trials, just theory mixed with a little personal experience. Breathing deeply should be an every day practice. Vary the reasons for deep breaths. I believe an increase in frequency and size of breaths will leave you feeling better. How often do you feel invigorated after a marathon... Continue Reading →

2018 in Review

If this post seems like bragging or boasting, I promise it is not. It is with sincere musings and satisfaction, that I share all I was able to accomplish. In retrospect, I wish to have done more. I spent a decent amount procrastinating here and there, and even as I wrote this, some of my... Continue Reading →

New York City Blues

PLEASE NOTE - I wrote this article in early October, but never published it. My cousin Stephanie asked me if I stopped writing. I have slowed down significantly, but am now inspired to keep going (thanks Steph)! We are now in what I believe is the best month in New York. December brings holiday cheer... Continue Reading →

Pucci’s Palate: Everyday Chicken

With Summer rapidly approaching, dance cards often become quite full with the additional daylight hours. Lauren provides a versatile food option that can be cooked in mass and used as needed throughout the week.   Everyday Chicken 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast 1 cup Chicken Stock 1 tsp Kosher salt 1 tsp Garlic Powder... Continue Reading →

Pucci’s Palate ~ Crab Cakes

FIRST EVER EDITION OF PUCCI'S PALATE!  Our intent is brevity and delicious foods. She delivers on both! The Story of the Crab Cake. I absolutely LOVE crab cakes. Unfortunately, most places that serve crab cakes load them up with fillers like breadcrumbs and mayo. Yuck! I prefer to have mine light and fresh yet filling.... Continue Reading →

Instructing with No Voice

Not until recently have I instructed while off the bike.  This was not out of desire, but necessity. I personally enjoy instructors who cycle with the class. I  personally do not require one on one attention, but others may like a personal touch in their class. For an entire week I taught all classes on... Continue Reading →

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