Planning: First Crack

Setting out on this excursion will require some decent planning. The type of trip I intend to take, contemplates limited camping and limited hotels. This will enable me to cut down on weight (camping gear) and reduce spending on accommodations, allowing me to travel further and longer.

Additional benefits of this strategy, and most valuable, is getting to know fellow Americans  and soak up the local flavor on all roads traveled. This is the method of travel I have implemented over since beginning traveling the world at age 20. Staying in hostels or with friends, friends of friends and more recently utilizing sites like AirBnb, provides the opportunity to immerse oneself with locals and in neighborhoods where hotels may not be available. With this immersion, one can find themselves connecting with cultures quickly, that is not typically present in the sterile confines of a hotel or the limited contact with front desk staff or fellow patrons at the continental breakfast table.  No offense to hospitality employees or hotel guests.

{Side note: if anyone needs food or leisure activity suggestions in Philly, NYC, Barcelona or Munich, please reach out to me!}

All things considered, I must determine a few important factors in my trip to increase my odds of friendly strangers offering a place to lay my head and to ensure a random night of unplanned camping is survivable (extreme temperatures or wildlife).  My preliminary research has brought me to see guidance from the following resources in hopes to finalize my route west, potential places to stay, the time of year to leave and bike knowledge in terms of gear and bike repair skills.wp-1479736986356.jpg

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2017 – cause weathermen/women still cant get it right! I will also learn about Astrology, Astronomy, Husbandry (farm animals’ gestation and mating periods) among many other useful topics.  This is my first copy and just happens to be the 225th edition.

Bike Across America a website created by Ryan Sclar, providing a wealth of knowledge regarding cross-country cycling, touring in general, packing, and bicycle maintenance. All on a budget too! An inspiration for a historically frugal person like myself.

Adventure Cycling a blog with extreme amounts of information regarding trails in each state and ultimately my guide O’ver the land of the free,  And home of the brave. While I intend to follow a specific route, I do see myself taking the proverbial unbeaten path every now and again.

Couchsurfing – my newest form of accommodation identification and greatest hope of making this experience truly unique. I signed up for this two months ago, but have yet to dive in like I know I will have to. I hope to become extremely versatile in the application to be allow a humble guest to find a wonderful hosts. Especially when plans change and destinations are added.

I expect myself to find many more of similar resources in terms of blogs, guides, classes, videos, etc. to explore. If anyone has recommendations, please share in the comments section below. I would truly appreciate it!

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