Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part II – Decision)

The decision is to request a Leave of Absence (LoA) and let the company to decide their course of action. Having researched the company policy on our intranet regarding unpaid leave, it appears that most scenarios involved extended maternity leave, short term disability or family medical, NOT bicycle touring. Can you believe that?! There is... Continue Reading →

Training: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Finished my second 6:30am spin class this week and went to a 718 Cyclery maintenance class last night in BK (thanks, Aaron).  Start off the day with a shamrock shake. This will off set my shamrock domino's from last night... Have a great weekend yall!

Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part I – Timing)

In order to free up three months, I have had to make a few significant choices. A majority of them center around finances, places to live and what to do with my possessions. Fortunately, I have friends and family whom have offered to manage my belongings while I am traveling (thank you, Adair; thank you,... Continue Reading →

Planning: Summer Reading

While I am absolutely a music lover, having three months on the road, much of it by myself when I'm not stopped, I will likely need some wonderful tales to keep me engaged. I have two (audio) books picked out that I think are appropriate for my trip, Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote and Bill Bryson's... Continue Reading →

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