Updates: Two Weeks Left!

Just over two weeks, 15 days, remain for my time in New York! Plenty to do, fortunately the remaining time is all to myself, save a few happy hours, a wedding and my last fundraising kick off party.  Free time will be spent planning routes, getting last minute travel/touring items, seeing friends, training, reading and... Continue Reading →

Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part III – Action)

I tore off the band-aid. Last Wednesday, April 12, I asked my manager for a leave of absence. While there was shock, the trip and request was taken seemingly well. Approval would be required from both HR and ultimately, management, so I had a figure I had a day or two before I would hear if... Continue Reading →

Planning: New Rig ~ UPDATED

UPDATE - I LOVE my AWOL. It fit perfectly and took me 4,100 miles across the US with style and grace! The day I shipped it back from Portland to New York made me very sad to be without it for a day let alone the week to ship. WARNING: Lengthy Post!! The last time... Continue Reading →

Training: Classes

Adair and I attended another free maintenance course with 718 Cyclery, focused on bike basics and flat repair. While I have fixed a handful of tubes in my day, it was nice to see how the shop goes about it, as I am sure it is done on a daily basis. Tube repair principles were... Continue Reading →

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