On the Road: Days 14, 15 & 16

Day 14 - 35 miles: Charlottesville to Afton  Have breakfast with David and get some final directions to grab food and a spare tired in town before heading to the TransAmerica Trail (TAT). The TAT takes one through a small portion of VMA's campus. I check out the Rotunda and attempt to see the lawn,... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Days 12 and 13

Headed south from Sterling to Charlottesville, there is some beautiful country. Lots of hills and farm animals for each hill. The landscape is quite lush and reminds me of a slightly more rugged version of central Pennsylvania, having become intimately in touch with the  drive from Philly to Pittsburgh throughout my college career.  Day 12:... Continue Reading →

Days 8 through 11: Rest Day(s)

After a week on the road and a little inflammation in the knee, I arrived at my dear friends, the Boutcher's home in Sterling, VA. I haven't seen Eric and Elise since Memorial Day of 2016. At that time they just had their son, Dean, and with the recent addition of twins, are up to... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Day 7

Computer access two days in a row, oh boy!!! Day 7: Tuesday, May 16 - Hot & Hilly Leisurely woke up when my gracious hosts were getting ready for work. After a comfortable night's rest and weirdly doing laundry at 11:30 pm, throwing things in the dryer at 1:20 am, all personal belongings were spoken... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Days 3 Through 6

Where does the time go?! I have made great progress this week, up to roughly 230 miles. I am a day behind when it comes to geographical location. The weather was a bit off and some possible tendinitis in my knee were the main culprits, but in the end I think it worked out for... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Day 1 & 2

I made it to Philly! Had a great stop in Princeton to split up mileage. Also lucked out on weather considering it was low 60's and a mix of sun and overcast skies. Here is a rundown of each day. If there are spelling mistakes or wonky sentences, I wrote this on my phone without... Continue Reading →

Gear: Went AWOL

For those of you that have Google music or are Beastie Boys fans, "I went AWOOOOOL"!! My XL Specialized AWOL arrived to City Bicycles this weekend, I test rode it Monday, had some racks and a new saddle put on and was able to roll home Tuesday afternoon. After months of test rides, pestering bike shop employees, self... Continue Reading →

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