Race to Kansas City

I have 11 days to get to Kansas City for a 7:15 PM CDT Royals game on June 30. July 2, there is a Dirty Heads concert the Little Lady and I will be attending and more than likely some fireworks on July 4. According to Google Maps, I have roughly 600 miles to go... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Day 25 and Beyond 

With two weeks off and less than two weeks to knock out a Tennessee to Kansas City (here I come) trip, I will need to get back into fighting shape. Recreating what I did in my last two days of riding will be a feat unto itself. Here is a taste of the last day's... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Day 24 

These posts are LONG overdue. This small stint of the journey thus far was a unique experience. Both in terms of mileage and hosts, unbeknownst of them. I write this after two weeks off, where I learned the following: 1. A diet comprised of foods from gas stations, fast food restaurants & diners is still... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Days 20 through 23

The days have become longer an cell phone service a bit more limited. I traveled from Wytheville, Virginia to Knoxville, Tennessee, roughly 198 miles in three days. As I write on my friend's computer in Nashville, I am now at 939 miles into my trek, maybe a quarter done of total mileage. Now for the... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Days 17, 18 & 19

I am beginning to forget what day of the week it is. Ideally just miss rush hour during what people call the work week. Here's a wrap up of what turned out to be three nights of camping over Memorial Day Weekend.  I had developed a distinctive musk.  Day 17: East Lexington to Troutville (50... Continue Reading →

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