23rd Annual Tour de Bronx

Here it is, Monday morning and I am sore. The good kind of sore. Feels like I worked hard over the weekend, something a good stretch will address. Part of this beautiful weekend consisted of attendance of the Far Hills Hunt, a series of horse races, but mainly a social gathering where one stands for... Continue Reading →

Kansas Chronicles: Part I – Kansas City, MO to Newton, KS

Kansas was a pivotal state for me. A state with contradicting reviews. Boring was a description, flat, another. Tales of Kansans' generosity and overall kindness reigned supreme no matter what was said about the land. It was a state in which I would meet some amazing people that will forever be part of me. These... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Coney Island, NY

Long gone are the days of endless touring and constant adventure. Rides are typically limited to weekends or more likely, mornings or afternoons. An apartment feels like a ball and chain, not allowing you to venture further than daylight hours will allow. There are upsides to this are full sized air pumps, home cooked meals... Continue Reading →

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