Outdoor Cycling

In my humble opinion, there is no better way to travel than by bicycle. An intimate pace, unobstructed views, exposure to elements and fresh air flowing through your lungs – what is there not to love!

2019 Dates:

  • November 3: Unofficial NYC Marathon Ride – Best ride ever. Free. Early. Greatest day to be a New Yorker or in New York.
  • October 20th: Bike MS in NYC. 50 miles with a trip through the Holland Tunnel. I am still raising funds so if you are able to help out or share, please check my personal page here.
  • September 8: Gran Fondo NJ – Adair and I will be riding the “Gran” or 107 mile route. If you would like to join us, please do and sign up with our Gutini Team.
  • September 14: Ride to Montauk – A great ride with a long history. I will potentially ride the 150 a push my physical limits that day. At the least I will be doing the 108 mile ride. There’s awesome food, great community and beautiful sights. DO IT!

2018 Dates:

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