Push for the PCA

I wrote this post while sitting at Oregon State University in Corvallis listening to lectures about a pending eclipse. At this point, I am 95% (3900 miles) in to my journey which has taken just over 3 months.  In November I decided that I would undertake a cross country trip, in March I partnered with... Continue Reading →


On the Road: Saratoga to Dubois

Finally some consistent internet time... I am now in Wisdom, Montana, camping stuff an RV park next to a green pool of still water. Needless to say I am confined to my tent or the bathhouse out of fear of mosquito swarms. In an effort to catch up on the many days from my last... Continue Reading →

On the Road: Colorado Days

I do not take skipping writing about Kansas lightly. I will absolutely write about my experience, in possibly the most bike friendly state to date. It was infinitly more beautiful than I had expected. I made some fantastic riding partners. They helped improve my cycling quite a bit and filled many hours with laughter, entertainment... Continue Reading →

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