We all lead busy lives. Eight hours a day is spent sleeping. Another eight is spent working. The remaining eight hours is left to ourselves. To run errands, socialize, read or workout.

More than likely, our work life balance is not so even and there is less than eight hours to sleep or eight for personal attention.  After some time we find ourselves living to work instead of working to live. Often our free time is spent passively scrolling through social media, watching digital content or brief social engagements with friends when time allows. Next thing we know, we blink and work starts the following morning or Monday.

Welcome to Trading848, a site dedicated to reinvigorating your sense of self, to identifying passions and dedicate time to personal growth.


Reclaim your free time and make more meaningful use out of it.

Make YOU your priority.

Self improvement does not happen over night, but the decision to go after your dreams will make an immediate impact on your psyche. Allocating time to increasing fitness, eating healthier, traveling, learning new skills, volunteering, etc. – will have a profound effect on not only your personal life, but will result in better sleep quality and improved focus at work.

Please join me and increase the quality of your 8 hours each day!

Bio & Mission: A brief description of me as a human and what Trading848 means to me.

Blog: Stories, posts and recipes to inspire. Older posts detail my journey to making massive life changes, while more recent posts are dedicated to healthier living, eating and local community.

Events: Lists my indoor cycling schedule and organized events. Native New Yorkers and visitors are all encouraged to join! I love meeting new people!

All Things Cycling: My personal passion is cycling – thus all the photos and posts and events catered around cycling. Here I list cycling tips, playlists for indoor classes and likely many more random things on the subject.

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