Hi, my name is Graham Guthrie and I am the founder of Trading848. In 2016, I made a decision to flip my world upside down and trade eight (8) hours at a desk for (4) eight (8) hours on a bicycle crossing the Continental US. In 2017, I put those plans into action. In 2018, I find myself happier than I have ever been.

The need for change developed over a number of years. By society’s standards, I led a happy life. I lived in one of the best cities in the world, had a stable job with great benefits and saved money which allowed me to travel extensively, a major passion of mine. But I still wasn’t fulfilled.

Long hours at the office left me exhausted and stressed at the end of each day.  Evenings and weekends were spent disengaging the mind, socializing at bars or binge watching TV.  I was committed to performing my job to the best of my abilities, benefiting a huge corporation, but not working towards personal goals, other – than the occasional vacation. My career path was not clear.  I lost focus on who I was as a person, unceremoniously blending into society.

After a coworker suffered a massive heart attack and passed at the office, I looked inward and decided to make a significant change in my life, checking off a bucket list item simultaneously. I would trade eight hours at a desk for eight hours on a bike traversing the United States. In that moment, my life improved.  I became happier, daily stresses at work lost their affect, relationships improved, new connections were created, I taught myself new skills and passed skills onto others. I created this blog and discovered another passion, writing! I realized that reactions about my decision I had internally manifested were wrong. Ninety-nine percent of people were inspired and elated to hear what I was doing.

Virtually every part of my life became better as I committed an enormous physical, mental and emotional challenge.


I am a New Yorker by the way of Philadelphia, currently working as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Indoor Cycling instructor in Manhattan. Having grown up in the Northeast, with family down South and friends spread across the country I had traveled to each coast and a few major Midwest cities, but had never seen Middle America or the Great West. Having ditched the car when moving to NYC, a road trip was not as feasible. Surfing is impossible (not enough leg strength) and running can be left to Forest Gump.

Rediscovering the joys of cycling in 2012 after purchasing a hybrid commuter bike, I found long rides to be an unbelievable way to travel, covering reasonable distances in a short amount of time and exercising in the process. NYC area rides included shooting through China Town, “climbs” over the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, along the Hudson River Path and when time allowed, trips over the George Washington Bridge.


The day I decided to commit to a trans-america trip, I had a single century ride under my belt. A 4,000+ mile ride across the Continental US seemed daunting, but beckoned my soul simultaneously – now the idea of traveling by bicycle seems as common place as walking to the store.

What goal are you currently chasing?

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